Graphic Design
Press Office


As the official communication agency of Monaco Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015, we have been requested to develop all the necessary offline and online tools.

From the packaging to the naming of the “Pavillon Cadeau”, from the website to the entire corporate image, up to advertising, we have designed a project that responds to very precise parameters in order to convey the idea of institutionalization united to originality.

The theme of the Monaco Pavilion – “Excellence and solidarity, a new look at feeding the planet” – was taken up, investigated and deepened through all the material produced.
Just think at the kraft paper, generally used for the production of sacks, that here is out of context and used for materials with a strong institutional character.

We accurately pursued our PR and press office activities, bringing the Pavilion on the most authoritative publications – ranging from architecture and design to current affairs, food, green. Also, we carefully selected the project’s partners: once identified the ability of many individual companies, we let them communicate each-other and be part of the great sphere called Pavillon Monaco.