Santi+Santi is a young laboratory, born as a proper workshop
where we experiment a new approach to communication in all its various forms.

Despite starting out life in a factory, we like to consider ourselves craftsmen.
Or should we say, craftsmen of words and visual communications.

In our “ideas workshop” we daily face the need to convey messages that have to be razor-sharp. According to the philosophy of Santi+Santi, communication has to be based on a fundamental component for this to happen: emotion.

Handcrafted Design


What we share with craftsmen is their love for beauty and their attention to detail but most of all the uniqueness of every single piece created, able to interpret the desires of its intended owner completely.

Tailored Communication


Santi+Santi has taken the notion of “custom-made” as its guiding light: for us, creating something means forging an identity, grasping the spirit of a company and then building a 360 degree communication strategy around it.

Trasverse Planning


This is why we have decided to handle any project comprehensively throughout all its various stages, establishing a relationship with our customers that is first and foremost based on listening and dialogue.